We help people live and connect authentically.

Dimensional helps you better understand yourself and connect with others. We believe that self and mutual awareness is the foundation of a fulfilling life.

When we understand ourselves, we are able to make decisions in harmony with our nature. When we understand others, we are able to build relationships based on honesty, empathy, and understanding.

Normalizing authenticity

We're tired of highlight reels and mindless scrolling. We're building a place to be human. A place to connect with people based on honesty and vulnerability. Our platform is designed to foster self-awareness and promote authentic relationships, helping people live more fulfilling lives and build deeper, more meaningful connections.


We are people interested in people.

Saeid Fard

Co-Founder, CEO

Saeid leads product and design at Dimensional. He spent the past 10 years working in personality science. He loves hosting dinner parties and asking people uncomfortable hypotheticals.

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Alvin Lim

Co-Founder, CTO

Alvin leads Dimensional's technical efforts. His background spans Computer Science and an almost-PhD in Bio Health Psychology (he dropped out). He’s also a big MTG fan (ifykyk).

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Vince Yeung

Software Engineer

Vince builds Dimensional's iOS application. He's been building mobile applications for 5 years. When he's not shipping code, he's playing hockey.

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Reza Hojjati

Software Engineer

Reza builds Dimensional's web application. He almost became a lawyer before coming to his senses. He's now been writing software for 4 years.

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Kailyn Henderson

Associate Product Manager

Kailyn works on product and UX at Dimensional. She studied Industrial Engineering at UofT. She also loves to read and rock climb (though usually not at the same time).

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Cameron Bardell

Software Engineer

Cameron works on Dimensional's backend and iOS app. Prior to coding he studied Physics at Waterloo. You can find him playing hockey, reading old sci-fi, and failing to improve his photography.

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Sarah Joslin

Quality Assurance

Sarah focuses on product testing at Dimensional. She's pursuing her psychology degree and is interested in family dynamics, proper emotional management of parents, and self-care.

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Ellen Eshenko

Community Manager

Ellen is the face of Dimensional on TikTok. Her content focuses on how personality affects dating and relationships. She has a degree in Psychology and is also an actor and avid reader.

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Help increase awareness in the world.

Founding Engineer - Mobile & Backend


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